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Things Discovered

Tell you what; this blog has been an absolute online diary for me. What a blessing. I need an outlet!

I meet the most interesting people. As a sorta “loner” this is much needed and appreciated in life.

Sitting in my kitchen. Again. I haven’t hooked up my TV in like, 9 weeks? Haven’t missed it.

My house project is getting closer to completion. There’s almost a sadness in that. I love my (old men) contractors that come help me! (Hope they don’t read that description!!!!) LOVE THEM.

When they leave it is just me and the chickens and barn cats again. Anyone need eggs?

I do have some wonderful people in my life. VERY LUCKY.

Today I had a listing appointment and this beautiful couple had the most unique property with a small family church on it. 2 horses, 2 bunnys, a goat. Impeccably kept, GORGEOUS property. You can tell when people care.

We talked for 2 hours. 45 minutes about real estate and the rest about faith. When I said I had to leave they asked if they could pray with me. I teared up. This is rare; I was very moved. Life has a way of bringing God to you when you need it most. I can’t recreate how moving this visit was!

Also thankful to list a lakefront home in Hidden Valley Lake this week. Small businesses need every break they can get. Very thankful. I am genuine and work hard. I probably need more of a life outside work! Send help.

My “mini farm” brings me joy. The chickens. I keep bringing them up. I grew up with livestock but (NOT CHICKENS) these chickens are new, even to me. They are good producers!

Side note. I have been frequenting the weekly Saturday 9am Lutz Auction on North Dearborn Road. Dale, Rachel, Randy, and Team run a great operation over there. I have bought two firearms in 3 weeks. Someone take my keys!

In return I have met some wonderful new friends. I do know people are here to help. Thank you, Frank, for offering to help me with my 2 new guns. Even though I am a hard one to help. I do know this.

Find the greatness in every day. It has been a hard week. Easter is Sunday. HE IS RISEN. We don’t know pain. We are weak. He is in charge. Pray for peace.

Blessings to you All,