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The Bone Collectors

Is that a trademarked brand? I will probably be sued over this post. Bring it on. I do need a good business lawyer. Taking recommendations.

Today I toured a 200 acre farm with some old farts. They’ll accept that description. What a time we had! I wouldn’t trade this morning for anything! Priceless.

Frank and Myron are quite a pair. Imagine two brothers fighting constantly. Them. The bickering was only part of the fun.

Frank drove us around in his farm truck showing us Myron’s prized 200 acre Ohio County farm. Beautiful. Ridge tops where you can see for miles into the Switzerland County distance and high above the Ohio River. Untouched for probably centuries minus the old milking barn. I like to think about the farm families that tended that ground for decades.

Little House on the Prairie. We all yearn for simpler times.

About an hour in to the tour I saw something on the horizon and got out of the truck- BONES. EVERYWHERE. CATTLE BONES. This is where Myron disposes of his deads. Please don’t tell the EPA; Frank will probably be at my house with his shotgun shortly. I’m ready.

As a farm girl, I have seen a lot of dead animals but when they are reduced to the basic bones there is something fascinating and (much less disgusting) about it. I collected probably 2.3 full grown cows. Old gals had a good life. Now their skulls will be mounted in my house and office. Frank and Myron found this entertaining. Probably the coffee shop talk tomorrow.

My mom laughed and brought up when Uncle Steve (her youngest brother) found a big buck deer caught in his fencerow. He had it mounted in his house like he shot it himself. Fake it until you make it, right? 😉

Makes for a good story anyways.

Find yourself a friend like Frank and Myron.

Life is too short to not have some fun with it.