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The Survey

Today I saw a man in a truck in the cornfield corner by my mailbox.

Went out to investigate

The saga continues.

Normally I am excited for development.

Not in my side yard.

Imagine the construction noises. Better invest in some thick pine trees. My Dad taught me this.

Today’s accomplishments included hosting an office meeting where everyone called off except me and Carson (she’s my reliable one) and mowing my front yard. Took me approximately 5 more hours than it should have; but it is mowed.

There’s too many symbols I can’t read and my phone kept ringing off the hook. Don’t these people have other lives? And I don’t read hieroglyphics.

Did get a “free” survey of my property apparently. Silver linings.

Nice little wood stakes with pink ribbon. Cute.

Turns out it takes 8 minutes to maneuver a riding tractor around these stakes. Genius me decided I COULD just pull the survey stake out of the ground and then I could mow over the spot and correct my grass patch.

Couldn’t find the hole to replace the stake.

Did the logical thing and moved it farther out.

Follow me for more tips on how to illegally increase the size of your property.

These people will LOVE being my neighbor. I will barter with them with eggs and shoot my guns at 7am on weekends.

Natural Defenses.


Red Barn Ranch