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The Storm

(Pictured in Photo from Left to Right, Sarah, Sister Kathleen, Brother Clark. Missing Joan and Mitchell (they weren't around yet!))
Have you ever stood outside during a tornado?


I LIVE for these moments.
Growing up in the Midwest we appreciate and fear tornadoes. While they aren’t often; they can be very destructive. I recall many a childhood nights spent in my parents’ musky basement after a storm warning. That huddling together made us bond; I never thought about it as much until now.

I always wanted to be outside watching the storm. I recall my older sister Kathleen yelling for me to come back in. I was naïve to the destruction; if I would have been lifted into the twister I would have found it a spiritual experience but my family would have never understood the risk.

In 1992; I was barely 3 years old; a category 4 (or 5??) tornado hit our family hog farm on Stateline Road. The storm tore apart roofs of several hog buildings but spared many lives. In the quiet morning those pigs stood huddled safe together while grain bins and roofs of solid metal lay twisted in corn fields.

Isn’t that something?

The hand that bears that GREAT storm is the same hand that PROTECTS AND SAVES.

Twister was a big hit during my childhood. Great movie.

Tonight I stood on my porch and watched God’s fury tear apart my landscape furniture. What a wonder.

Now I sit in my candlelit kitchen. Any minute my power may blow but I have no fear.

There is a reason old (and young) farmers (rural folk) talk non-stop about the weather. We are constantly fascinated that we depend on and yet have NO control over the forecast.

Your “bones” and every forecaster in 100 miles may tell you it’s going to rain today but that is NO guarantee.

I sell real estate for a living. I recently listed a beautiful new construction home on a slab.

They already know I am going to say this; MAJOR MISTAKE. Hindsight is 20/20. Hoosiers like basements.

I don’t worry about a storm cellar as much as I care about my neighbors; faith goes a long way.

God is AT WORK. Survive the Storm.


(Pictured in Photo from Left to Right, Sarah, Sister Kathleen, Brother Clark. Missing Joan and Mitchell (they weren’t around yet!))