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The Dinner Party

Joan is in town for Mothers’ Day so Mom, Dad, and her came down to the farm Saturday evening for a visit. 

Naturally, it had to be extra. 

Chef John won a BIG career changing job Friday night in downtown Cincinnati (was honored to be a part of his interview meal). He told us to rave over the food and pretend we didn’t know him that well. This is public knowledge now. Anyways, he won the job 😉 

So, Chef John offered to make steaks for the family Saturday night. 

My heart was so full to have all my favorite people around the table (missing several, but we will be together today.) 

Friend Frank came to dinner too. 

Frank found me at the gun auction at Lutz’s when I bought my 22. He approached me and asked, “Young lady, do you know how to handle that gun?” I said, “No.” I just needed one. 

Later I asked him, why did you talk to me that day? He said: “I just thought it was unique that a young lady was alone at the auction buying guns.” I said, “This is not the weirdest thing I have ever done but I appreciate your observation.” 

Now Frank is one of my BFFs. 

He brought some Guinness Beers and Joan drank one with him. Now Joan is his favorite. 

He has great stories! 

Almost as good as Chef John’s stories. 

John is one of 12 children, Italian (Sicilian) Americans from Cincinnati. He is loud, opinionated, and good at everything in the kitchen. He definitely doesn’t hold back how he feels. I have always liked Italians for this reason. I dated one once. 

The best John story (and there are MANY) is how he learned to make Alfredo sauce. 

He was 9 years old in Italy and he went with his family to “Al Fredo’s” Restaurant. 

THE AL FREDO taught John how to make Alfredo sauce. 

I thought it was BS too. Sicilian Americans are fascinating. 

Ever Seen The Godfather Movies? Please tell me you have. THEY ARE EVERYTHING. 

We had a great dinner. 

Only regret was we didn’t get a group photo. 

We were too busy enjoying life. 



The Dinner Party