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The Business

How we came about-
Spring 2020. COVID-19 hit and after a few weeks of “the world is ending!!!” Decided it was time to take action. Opportunity lives in down times.

Going on my own had been a plan for a while but pulling the trigger is always the hardest; especially when you are a natural “people pleaser” and have to keep it a major secret until everything is legitimate.

Have you met me? Expressive is a good word. Secretive is not. My two [experimental] birds died so it was time to make a big move.


Woke up to the world on fire/going crazy and the stock market crashing and figured we all had approximately one week to live. If I am going out of this world, it will not be holed up at home.


Called my wealth advisor and told him to sell my entire 401k. Needed capital to get started.

“Are you sure, Sarah?”

“Sell it. Might be dead tomorrow and I have things to do.”

Like jumping out of that airplane; I indulge in risks that others will not. I am TOTALLY DRIVEN by the adrenaline this creates.

LUXE Real Estate: Established July 2020.

Has not been easy. Not for the meek. Started thick, got lean. Lost a few; gained a few. Took on debt.

Training an MBA graduate and former engineer now. He has the grit for the LUXE Team! Learning new business owner ‘mistakes’ and getting wiser daily.

Endurance > instant gratification.

The firecracker inside me is only just crackling at the surface….



Luxe Real Estate