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Life has a way of keeping you (and the universe) in balance.

Lately life has forced me to slow down and smell the roses.

Those who know me – should know this is a struggle. I have a natural anxiety that drives me to feel the need to be constantly busy, please everyone, succeed, grow the businesses, perfect my household, find a worthy mate, maintain and grow a large social circle, and definitely a “fear of missing out.” Our cell phones are largely to blame for these thoughts and they are 100%

NOT uncommon.

Luckily, life intervenes when we most need it. Even when we think we are struggling- usually it is just a growing pain leading us to the next epiphany. Making us better people every step of the way.

I KNOW THIS. I am also a natural rebel. Typically preferring to take the road less traveled.

The last few years I lived in Downtown. Ok, Downtown LAWRENCEBURG. Always something going on- beautiful quaint riverfront downtown. Constant ability to be entertained or stimulated. Restaurants, bars, weekly festivals, work out classes, volunteer groups, city meetings, the casino, the river, the levee, etc., etc., etc. You name it, we have it.

Then I moved out of town.

Definitely a revolution. New chapter in the book.

Growing pains ensued. Now I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Wonderful neighbors have come into my life. Ellen, Paul, Greti, Carol, Jeff, Andriana, Shannon, Amy, Billy, and several more. Living in town has a certain anonymity to it. I lived in a condo for a year and never met the people whose door was 5 feet from mine. Now I have people miles away that I talk to daily. A new church where the mass is FILLED and the Priest speaks with FIRE. People that honk and wave when they see me out getting my mail.

My circle has significantly shrunk. And my life has been much more enriched.

The beauty of life is that we have SOME control over the next chapter but we certainly do not have IT ALL. I love the thrill of not knowing exactly what is next.

Meet your neighbors. We are ALL going through something. Be a survivor.