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Snowed In

Been here four days it is truly the little things. Jack and I and the barn cats and “Chewbacca chickens” are doing great! I have never felt happier.
Old farmhouses have a comfort and history you can’t re-create. Learning something every day.
Mom, Dad, and I were just talking about happiness. We agree happiness comes from “Fulfilling God-Given Responsibilities.”
Too many people think the world owes us happiness; that’s not the case! GO FIND IT.
Reflecting on my LUXE Real Estate TEAM
1. Lashanda Messer is keeping us ALL in business; I’ve never won the lottery before; I imagine it’s a similar feeling. Humbled. Shanda and I understand people and “it’s not just a sale;” it’s about meeting a person and helping them! SHE JUST GETS IT.
Lashanda has every tool and connection to take over the world; we are the best of friends . Lashanda is probably writing three contracts as I write this!
Lashanda has given me the opportunity to move into the business leadership role and keep me sane. THANK GOD.
She isn’t the only one!
2. Carson, my beautiful and smart Carson! I wanted to hire her immediately but I decided it was smarter to interview several young women to be my assistant first. Carson blew them all out of the water.
Carson has grown from a friend to a trusted family member. Seeing her grow and take ownership of this office makes me so proud I could cry. I know she loves it; she read situations well. IF she’s ever late to work it’s because she had to chase the cows back in. This is real life in Indiana. 🐂
Carson is so talented in so many ways- we all love her. She has skills people with 6+ years of college will never have- please remind her of this. She’s super valuable. I’ve always trusted farm men and women.
It’s just in our blood.
3. Jodi Wolf. Oh, my Jodi! Jodi is smarter than all of us  (maybe?!) and her confidence never waivers.
She is always poised, prepared, and graceful. I was intimidated by Jodi for a minute but I knew immediately we are a perfect match. We have fun!
Jodi has been licensed in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. She has excellent connections and high expectations for people! Jodi has been on a very high-performing team at Keller Williams.
When Jodi writes a contract I never have to worry about a thing- and I love that. She is experienced and a true advocate; we all love Jodi.
Enough for today- stay positive, put your kids in 4-H; (really helped a lot of us get over the awkward stage!) and showing a 1200 lb steer is definitely empowering.

USE A REAL ESTATE ADVISOR.  I wouldn’t do brain surgery. Do want to sell your house alone? I wouldn’t. ❤️ Sarah

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