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Oscar and Kiki

COVID 19 hit in Spring 2020 and I did some day drinking and bought a Love Bird.

The pet store people told me that they should come in pairs but did not take their advice and purchased “Oscar.” Rowdy, colorful little thing.

Would let him fly around the house and play hide and seek.

He was SO LOUD that I would put his birdcage on the front balcony so he could get sunlight and I could take a phone call. Got a second bird, a Parakeet (KiKi) so he had a friend.

One day I left in a hurry and came back to a fried bird (Oscar) on the balcony.

Tried to revive him. Hard to do CPR on a Love Bird. KiKi died too; broken heart.

RIP Oscar and KiKi.

Silkie chickens are much hardier.