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Mr. Holland's Opus


Ever seen that movie?


We have moments in life when we realize we created the life we wanted. Our chorus comes together in unison. We live for these moments. The silence before the maestro lifts the batons. The calm before the storm.

The anticipation of what is next is as fulfilling as seeing what has never changed.

I went skydiving. Scariest thing OF MY LIFE. They opened that small plane door and I knew I would puke. Next thing I know this guy pushes me out and I’m falling. Slow motion.

That moment of divinity where you’re not sure if you’re in heaven or earth. Landing was the challenge. We came back gracefully.

Life changing.

I imagine ER nurses feel this.

Mom always wanted one of her girls to be a nurse.
I chose real estate. I pretend to have a farm; it’s 2.5 acres.


Create your symphony.