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Math Whiz, Dustin

Sobbing as I write. Before I forget: We HELP EVERYONE at LUXE Real Estate. All types of buyers and sellers; no purchase too big or too small.Please share this. Real Estate is an EMOTIONAL CAREER, lots of highs and lows. Not for the faint of heart. 

Was just home working on my house tonight when I got a Zillow call; “Dustin.” I’ve honestly been giving 90% of these leads to my buyers’ agent teammates but tonight something prompted me to answer first and help out.  

We all need a little help. Phases of life. Tonight I dropped my spray painting to help Dustin. 

Intercession/Nerves are Shot 

Have you ever woke up with (almost) “everything you ever wanted” but equally fearful of failure? Pressure. A bit lonely? Searching for a higher purpose? We’ve ALL been there. Here I have this beautiful old farmhouse to work on and it’s just me, the dog, 2 hiding barn cats and the chickens. Fun as they are; not much help. I haven’t met many of my neighbors (or watched TV in 2 months but can’t say I’ve missed it.) I am appreciative of my parents help when they can but they have a farm to run about an hour away. 

My business has grown QUICKLY; maybe too quickly for a manageable pace. Like completely 0 to 60 in a few months. I spent an entire year’s salary on MARKETING ALONE. When you go ALL IN your work completely encompasses you; there is a LOT to lose. 

I manage my real estate clients, a team of 5 at LUXE, 2 rental properties, 4 tenants, and an office building that was hit in the side by a car leaving CVS- true story.  

People, banks, and (4) 1800s buildings are NEEDY. Myself included. My mind spins.  

As a risk taker to see this business succeed and grow for everyone invested; I often feel like an inadequate friend, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, cousin, etc. I sacrifice A LOT of time with people I love. My goal this year is to balance this scale. 

My mom just sent me an article tonight captioned: “REAL ESTATE AGENTS OUTNUMBER HOMES FOR SALE NATIONWIDE.” 


Anxiety attacks and the occasional nightmare have been more commonplace than comfort. As you can tell by my blog posts I wear my heart on my sleeve (probably too much.) A new season is coming. PREVAIL. 

Back to Dustin.  

Dustin and I spoke for an hour. First time home buyer. Not an uncommon story; but INSPIRING.  

30; a contractor; stay-at-home fiancé and several kids to feed. Such a genuine voice; the type of guy with integrity. Dustin has been renting for YEARS and just wants to own a home with his family. He called about a home for sale for $105,000 on an entire acre of land- his dream. The payment on this house should be around $425/month before escrow and with his $5K down payment. His struggle is credit. 

They are paying $600/month rent plus utilities in a small apartment; never late on any payments. Dustin’s words; “it’s not a lot to look at.” His landlord doesn’t fix things. His story is honest. The backbone of America. Working people deserve to own a home. 

Dustin never got a credit card or a loan and therefore has below average credit. He had a couple medical bills from years ago. He pays with cash often so his bank statements don’t show much. His words. “Why didn’t they teach us about credit in school?” Agree, Dustin. Then he did his research. 

Dustin went from a 385 credit score to a 600 in just a few months. Outstanding pace. Credit Karma helped him become aware of Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. MOST of us never got schooled in this to a high degree unless you worked in finance. Like ever. 

Dustin: “I was a math whiz in school. I was in College Calculus my Sophomore Year. I would glide through every test and pass with 107%. My math teachers were always waking me up because I would fall asleep on my desk; bored.” WOW. GIFTED. 

“Math Whiz Dustin” probably could have gotten a scholarship but chose the trades (I AM VERY MUCH AN ADVOCATE FOR THE TRADES) and has worked hard; never unemployed. Dustin had some hardships with contractor employers who didn’t pay him his fare wages or send him a 1099 to report his income on taxes. He takes a lot of side jobs for cash he can’t report. I feel for people in these situations. 

Business ethics MATTER. 

WE WILL help Dustin own a home. Next month or 2 years from now. We CARE. All shapes, stories, and sizes. YOU can own a home. I have stood in countless houses and spoken to so many people just like Dustin. There is ALWAYS a way. The LUXE TEAM can help. 

Be like Dustin. Show up for work; work hard; be honest. Ask questions even when you are embarrassed you don’t know the answers. God is good. Be kind, even to yourself.  

We are all in this together.  

Until Next Time-