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Life Cycle Swine Contest

My family raises hogs.

The feed company had a contest to promote their new product based on how much weight the pigs could gain in a short time and Jordan Farms won a TRIP TO EUROPE.

The Kicker.

Grandpa Jordan (Phil Senior/Wife Kathryn) and his 2 brothers (Harold/Wife Josephine) and (James/Wife Helen) all farmed together.

Phil and Kate took the trip.

The sister-in-laws were never friends again. Mostly joking. They all lived next door to each other.

Helen was TOUGH. Josephine was an ARTIST. Kate was FANCY- she grew up with ALL BROTHERS. Kate never cut her own meat. Her parents threatened to send her to the nunnery.

My GREAT, Great Aunts (Kate’s aunt’s/nuns) are buried in Oldenburg cemetery. They chose the Catholic names “Aggripina and Willelma.”

They didn’t want those women to have boyfriends, did they?

Was gifted one of the nuns’ religious paintings and I found their discreet graves.

Oldenburg, IN is a special place. Eat the fried chicken at Wagner’s when you go.


PS. The Jordans had the FIRST four wheel drive tractor in Preble County, OH and the FIRST confinement hog barn in the 1960s.

They never brag on themselves.

Someone has to tell these stories.

Grandpa Jordan always said, “You can sleep when you are dead.”

Pictured: Farm Hand, Feed Dealer, Grandpa Phillip Jordan (circa late 1960s?), Sarah, Kathleen, and Clark at the farm circa 1990, and Jordan Family in newest building; Summer 2020 (missing several important ones).