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Hay Delivery

Hay Delivery

This one is FUN-

I buy my horse hay from a good friend/neighbor. Actually, TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE: Gregg Callahan. He has like 9 siblings. Once I saw a photo of one of his brothers in the Beacon Newspaper from the Dairy Judging Team that won at the state and I commented on it to Gregg. He said, “Which one?”

Can you imagine having this many siblings? I thought I was special being one of 5. Not so much in the Saint Leon area, apparently.

I went to bed around midnight on July 4th and was awakened by a hard pounding on my door around 4:15AM. This is a Monday morning. I had 17 missed calls from the men trying to deliver my 200 square bales. Like a normal person; I was asleep.

ANYWAYS. HAY DELIVERY. They wanted to bring it right from the field. I guess I didn’t specify normal business hours.


The reason I love farmers so much is that only people with GRIT would take a holiday to bale hay and actually stay up til 6am to unload it during the “cooler” part of the day. Who else does this?

Didn’t get back into bed until around 6:30am. My only regret is that I didn’t have supplies to feed all those hungry boys homemade biscuits and gravy. They went to eat at the truck stop.

I am lucky to have such good friends I can trust and rely on. I might have a barn full of busted bales; but boy, I have good people in my life and even better stories. We live in an awesome RURAL community.

Oh, what we can tell the next generation!

Grateful to be an American. Hoosier (Boilermaker.) Farmer.