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The Judging Team

The Judging Team

The Judging Team I joined the livestock judging team at Purdue my Junior Year. With ZERO EXPERIENCE. I made some lifelong friends from this adventure. Sure, I showed pigs and cattle in 4-H and attended other shows, but I was never in FFA, nor did I go to Junior College to judge. Every single one of my teammates […]



Rantoul My friend Catherine is more like a soul mate to me. We GET each other! From cattle shows to vacations, ghost tours, we have done it all. Catherine has a heart of gold and a mouth like a sailor. LOVE her. Her dad died a few years back and she inherited his prized John […]

The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party Featured

The Dinner Party Joan is in town for Mothers’ Day so Mom, Dad, and her came down to the farm Saturday evening for a visit.  Naturally, it had to be extra.  Chef John won a BIG career changing job Friday night in downtown Cincinnati (was honored to be a part of his interview meal). He […]

Multiple Offers

Multiple Offers Get used to it in this market!  Words of advice:  TRUST YOUR REALTOR  WRITE A LETTER TO THE SELLERS; emotions prevail  Use an escalation clause.   Need personal advice? Call me.   Sarah Jordan, REALTOR  812.260.1200 Contact Us

What is an Escalation Clause?

What is an Escalation Clause? An escalation clause is an addition to a contract to purchase that gives you an EDGE.  This clause can specify any amount of money that you want to offer that will net out over any other offers. A sure way to win a property.  For example: House listed for $250,000. […]

Buying in this Market

Buying in this Market Do you have a GOOD REALTOR?   NO, REALLY, DO YOU?  This market is like nothing I have ever seen.  You need an EXPERT that understands comps, escalation clauses, etc.   You need me.   Call me. 812-260.1200.  No buyer left behind.  Contact Us


Paige My real estate mentor.Her mom, Trudy, managed the Tri-County Mall in Cincinnati. Contact Us


DES Desmond was raised by his grandparents in Richmond, IN. He is a basketball star and got drafted by the NBA. He played his first NBA game and his Grandma died the next day. What a world. Contact Us

Oscar and Kiki

Oscar and Kiki COVID 19 hit in Spring 2020 and I did some day drinking and bought a Love Bird. The pet store people told me that they should come in pairs but did not take their advice and purchased “Oscar.” Rowdy, colorful little thing. Would let him fly around the house and play hide […]

Allison and Cody the Pony

Allison & Cody The Pony

Allison and Cody the Pony Allison Williams. LOCAL LEGEND. Not only does she do it all, and well. She has the attitude of a Pack of Tigers and knows it. Contact Us