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Disclaimer: Some of these blogs are focused on real estate but many of them are the personal musings of LUXE Founder, Sarah Jordan. Hope you get a few laughs and get to know us better! Please understand there are no reasons to correlate personal stories with the professional experience you will receive with LUXE.

Oscar and Kiki

Oscar and Kiki COVID 19 hit in Spring 2020 and I did some day drinking and bought a Love Bird. The pet store people told

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Pepsi Coliseum

Pepsi Coliseum Pepsi Coliseum (Now Called Indiana Farmers Coliseum) BIG FAN of the Indiana State Fair. Didn’t win State Fair Queen, Kristen (Lowry) from Fort

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Burlist Moyer


Burlist Moyer My mother’s mother (Grandma Jean’s) mother was Ruby. Ruby married Burlist from Greens Fork, IN. “Burley” lived up to his name. He raised

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Geronimo Visited Lonnie Steele’s farm with Buckley – Lonnie owns White’s Hill.   Spiraled down from there.   Went to Harrison for chain and ended the day

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