Pepsi Coliseum

Pepsi Coliseum Pepsi Coliseum (Now Called Indiana Farmers Coliseum) BIG FAN of the Indiana State Fair. Didn’t win State Fair Queen, Kristen (Lowry) from Fort

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Burlist Moyer


Burlist Moyer My mother’s mother (Grandma Jean’s) mother was Ruby. Ruby married Burlist from Greens Fork, IN. “Burley” lived up to his name. He raised

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Geronimo Visited Lonnie Steele’s farm with Buckley – Lonnie owns White’s Hill.   Spiraled down from there.   Went to Harrison for chain and ended the day

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Mr. Holland’s Opus

Mr. Holland’s Opus Ever seen that movie? MOVING. We have moments in life when we realize we created the life we wanted. Our chorus comes

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